Case Studies

Additive manufacturing technologies offer unique possibilities to create innovative products. By comparing conventional and additive manufacturing technologies, a function-driven redesign of products is often beneficial. In particular, the Micro Laser Sintering provides a high level of accuracy and detail resolution of the desired micro parts. The case studies of 3D MicroPrint GmbH illustrate innovative solutions for various applications which demonstrate the exceptional potential of the Micro Laser Sintering technology.

Case Study microwave bandpass filter

Precision and complexity are inevitable in the field of microwave technology.

Case study fiber optic guides

Precision and complexity are inevitable in the field of fibre optics technology.

Case Study flow measuring probes

Accuracy is mandatory in the field of fluid dynamic measurement technology.

Case study lattice structures

Lattice structures are used to reduce weight without sacrificing the stability of parts. Micro Laser Sintering enables unique design possibilities. [...]

Case study grabber

Grabbers are used in numerous branches from medical technology to aerospace. With additive manufacturing the difficult assembly of the filigree items is eliminated. [...]

Case study watch

Foundation of a high quality watch making is the high accuracy of manufacturing processes. For selected components we examined the applicability of Micro Laser Sintering. [...]

Case study Frauenkirche

A big challenge for additive manufacturing technologies is the miniaturization of structures. Our 3D printing systems have an exceptional high accuracy and enable high resolution details. [...]