3D MicroPrint GmbH provides a whole product portfolio to support you from product design to series manufacturing of micro metal parts. We help you with our engineering services to find potential parts, to optimize their design, provide proof of principle and support you till the production rollout. No matter whether you order the parts from our job shop or you want to run Micro Laser Sintering Machines in your own premises – we find a solution together.

And we are happy to develop your tailored Micro Laser Sintering machine, material or production process according to your specifications.

Our Product Portfolio


You have the application, we do have the experience with Micro Laser Sintering. With our engineering services we make your parts 3D [...]


3D MicroPrint GmbH provides the complete solution chain for the production of precisely printed metal parts. Experience high precision in 3D [...]


3D MicroPrint’ s machines deliver best results in terms of detail resolution, accuracy and surface finish for 3D printed micro metal parts by [...]


The powder materials are tailored to satisfy the requirements of Micro Laser Sintering. We use powder with particle sizes smaller 5 µm to [...]