1. November 2022

We present the great result of the cooperation with Titanex GmbH – micro laser sintering parts made of Ti6Al4V Grade 23 refined with Anodurit®.

Anodurit® is the Swiss innovation for true to size anodising of Titanium, Tantalum and Niobium.

The company Titanex is located in Gunningen (Southern Germany). This Swiss technology allows for custom anodising in colours (type 3) or even in grey and hard, known as type 2.
This particular crystalline oxide layer comes with a lower friction, avoids galling and enhances the corrosion resistance.

3D MicroPrint micro sample shown demonstrate the impressive surface effects created by the anodising process. Due to the metallically pure surfaces in as built condition the MLS printed parts retain their micro-roughness after anodising.

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