2. December 2022

A complex shape and small dimensions part

On the picture is a customer application from the @Institute of Fundamental Technological Research IPPT Polish Academy of Sciences PAS ( An innovative extrusion head for the 3D printing of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer composites. The complex shape small dimensions part is meant to be the core of the polymer composite 3D printing extruder.

The manufacturing accuracy of the MLS process enables a perfect fit of the inner shape – see CAD data. The result of the micro-CT scanner (resolution < 10 µm) makes it clear that the shape deviation is less than 20 µm, making the MLS by @3D MicroPrint GmbH process a perfect fit for this application.

Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Adi Adumitroaie from IPPT-PAS and Slawomir Jakubczak MSP SYSTEM.

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