Micro Part Production

The powder materials are tailored to satisfy the requirements of Micro Laser Sintering. We use powder of a particle size smaller 5 µm to achieve a very good detail resolution. Together with selected partners from Industry and Universities we develop these high tech powders.

You find the currently available powders below. We are continuously working to have more materials available to the market. Do you have additional requirements? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to tailor your customized solution.

Stainless Steel

EN AISI Applications Download
1.4125 440C Automotive, Medical, Energy industry 1.4125_440C – Material data sheet (102 kb)
1.4404 316L Automotive, Jewelry and watches, Aerospace 1.4404_316L – Material data sheet (103 kb)
1.4542 17-4PH Chemical industry, Medical, Aerospace 1.4542_17-4PH – Material data sheet (103 kb)


Min. 99,95% purity Chemical industry, Semiconductor, Aerospace Molybdenum – Material data sheet (89 kb)


Min. 99,95% purity Energy industry, Aerospace, Semiconductor Tungsten – Material data sheet (102 kb)