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Case study lattice structures

Complex 3D lattice structures – Micro Laser Sintering enables maximum functionality by minimum material use

Lattice structures are used to save weight without sacrificing stability of parts. Furthermore these structures can also realize functions like shielding, guiding or separating fluids in medical devices, reactors, heat exchangers, fuel cells and other microfluidic applications.


bottom view

Case study grabber

Cost reduction by saving assembling – Functional module built at-once by Micro Laser Sintering

Grabbers or manipulators are used in numerous branches from medical technology to aerospace. Using conventional technologies such a grabber has to be assembled at least of four single pieces. The smaller the parts become, the more difficult the secure assembling of the tiny components is.


CAD view pivot joint

Case study TLS-cooling nozzle

Innovative part design optimized by Micro Laser Sintering – the key to success

In the semiconductor industry the process TLS-Dicing is used to separate wafers. Therefore the german company 3D-Micromac AG offers an appropriate manufacturing system. This process is based on thermally induced mechanical forces separating brittle semiconductor materials like silicon or SiC. Combining a defined voltage field, a laser-based heating and water cooling immediately after, a single crack is generated in order to separate the chips from a wafer. For the water cooling a spray nozzle is used which has been assembled out of seven conventionally manufactured components so far.


side view



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3D MicroPrint GmbH gets ISO9001:2008 certificate

In october 2016 the 3D MicroPrint GmbH got the quality certificate ISO9001:2008.
It is a matter of course for us to give our customers the best possible consulting and support at all times. For this purpose we made the broad actions to define our claim of quality. This quality we want to establish in our processes and products to provide you the highest level of security and reliability.



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We have given our website a fresh look to introduce us to you.
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3D MicroPrint GmbH is a german company and specialized in the production of micro metal parts by Micro Laser Sintering and the sale of the associated machines.



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